We’ll consider just about any type of property. Contact us to discuss a single house, multiple houses, duplex, condo, townhouse, apartment building, land, mobile house, commercial property, or any other type of real estate. Simply click get an offer or call us 24 hours a day at (314)722-8848.
We evaluate each house on a case by case basis and consider several factors when making an offer. We aim to make an offer that is acceptable to both parties and allows everyone involved to achieve their goals. If not, we won’t waste your time by making an offer. Simply click get an offer or call us 24 hours a day at (314)722-8848.
Although we’re unable to pay more than your house is worth, we can usually help house owners who find themselves in this situation! There are options! Simply click get an offer or call us 24 hours a day at (314)722-8848.
Yes! We welcome houses that need extensive repairs and will purchase your house in “as is” condition. If you need foundation repairs, have mold issues, need a new roof, or have any other repair issues, simply click get an offer or call us 24 hours a day at (314)722-8848.
Typically, we can make you a fast offer within 48 hours or less after your house has been evaluated.
Once we’ve completed our onsite evaluation and the title company advises us the title work is ready, and then you can close on the date of your choice.
Plan to sell your house on the date of your choice. If that’s in a matter of days, no problem, if you need time for any reason, take all you want. Remember with our Network Members, it’s always, and only, win-win.
Yes! We work with reputable title companies that offer sellers the flexibility to close from other parts of the country. Simply let us know you prefer to close from out of town when we discuss your property!
When you sell to us we pay the standard closing costs for both the seller and the buyer during the purchase of your property. Specifically covered items are discussed in detail when we make an offer on your property.
Yes. When you sell your house, the closing will always be handled and insured by a competent, professional Title Company or Real Estate Attorney. The Network Member you work with will likely recommend one that is known to him or her as being excellent. Of course you’re always free to choose your own, or use one that you’re already familiar with.
Yes, some are. They too are looking to buy properties.
We are here to help you get your house sold quickly and easily. It’s what we do best. As far as you buying another house, we suggest you contact a local Real Estate Agent.
Never! Your information is used by our company for the purpose of completing the transaction and will remain strictly confidential!

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